Deborah Saunders, LCSW-R

About ADHD Family Connection

Over 30 years of treating families, I have created ADHD Family Connection, a collaborative, group practice for ADHD. Our mission is to help families enjoy life. As parents, we need to understand that we develop our parenting skills mindfully in response to our children’s differences. Our job is to celebrate their unique experience of the world and help them to manage challenges, ours as parents and theirs as children, growing up in a fast paced and complex culture.

My many years of medical social work showed me the unfolding of how parents respond to the initial diagnosing of a child. I know how critical it is to formalize a plan including health care providers, school psychologists and special ed team, and strong support system of extended family and friends, all of whom we trust. The earlier we can mobilize such a collaborative effort, the faster we can lessen our stress and be more accessible to our children. With effective strategies and our strong support system, we can go about our daily lives, assisting our special needs children to enjoy their childhoods with the rest of our family.

Years ago, I led a support group for siblings of special needs families. They had so much to say about their lives, much good. However, they reported some distorted thinking about their roles and relationship to their parents and ADHD siblings, worth exploring. They needed support to be kids and not so responsible for their brother or sister as well as “perfect.”

Our ADHD Therapy Groups

Groups are powerful tools. We offer sibling, parent and ADHD social skills groups. I recognize how life’s stressors can continue to pile up on top of the needs required to raise a child/children with ADHD. Parents need to know how to balance themselves internally in order to better take care of their children. Advocating for their kids in school and on playdates is a skill that can be honed in parent groups. I offer weekly parent therapy group to supplement support group that I facilitate for CHADD (Children and Adults with ADD) that meets monthly.

ADHD children in a social skills group can learn how to better regulate their emotions with trust in facilitator. Your child can become calmer and more comfortable with peers. In time, each member of group will relate better to the other members in group with the reward of being able to make healthy friendships in school, community and throughout the developmental stages of their lives.

Lastly, I believe it is vital for me to share that I am a special needs parent of a freshman daughter in college with ADHD complex, as well as a successful medical social worker, modern analytically trained psychotherapist and advocate for ADHD family systems. It’s a complicated process to both love and set limits for our children, to advocate and understand that there are limits to what our population is given from early intervention up through high school and beyond and how to eke out what our children require and deserve, alongside other special needs groups.

Families these days are different in and of themselves than years past. Whether single parents, gay or traditional, we are all wanting to be effective in our parenting. I do not have all of the answers.  However, I know that each individual family system has a voice. We can all add to the pool of knowledge that can be a powerful legacy for families of young children starting out.  The art of initial diagnosis and then adjusting reality to fit realistic goals is an on-going process. ADHD Family Connection is here so that no individual parent or child feels alone for too long.  We can salute the individuality of our children and enjoy them as they grow.

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ADHD Family Connection has therapy offices in Manhattan and in Westchester County, NY.

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